Sunday, September 20, 2020
Home > BlockOne Awarded Patent for DLT-Based Social Media Bidding System, the company behind the EOSIO protocol (EOS), has been awarded a patent for a blockchain-based bidding system for promotional exposure tied to popular social media posts.The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved the patent on April 28. filed with the office during May 2019.The patent, which describes

Read More Invests $50,000 Into Blockchain-Based COVID-19 Testing App, the company behind EOSIO (EOS), issued a $50,000 grant to Genobank for its open-source app on April 29. The grant is designed to facilitate anonymous access to COVID-19 testing.Genobank announced at the start of April that its app, Agerona, was being developed alongside the Eos-based blockchain platform, issued

Read More Launches ‘Coding for Change’ Virtual Hackathon

Blockchain software publisher,, announced on April 24 that the EOSIO Virtual Hackathon “Coding for Change” will officially launch on May 1, 2020.The primary purpose of the virtual hackathon, which will last until June 1, 2020, is to collect blockchain-based solutions that help solve new challenges in the post-pandemic world.The

Read More Puts $200,000 Up for Grabs in Puzzle Smart Contract Challenge announced a smart contract blockchain puzzle, touting a $200,000 prize for whoever figures it out. “In this challenge, participants must create an EOSIO Smart Contract which can store and invoke EVM (Solidity) Smart Contracts in a virtual Ethereum-like environment,” a Feb. 3 announcement on EOSIO’s DevPost detailed. EOSIO platformBuilt by

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Block.One Released Major Blockchain Software Update 2.0

Blockchain software development firm Block.One released 2.0, the software underlying the EOS blockchain.In the release announcement published on Twitter on Jan. 10, Block.One claimed that the update makes the blockchain “faster, simpler, and even more secure.”Major changes to the smart contract virtual machineThe official blog post on new

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