Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Credits Blockchain Platform Enters the Beneficial Direction of Activity in the Crypto Industry

In the recent announcement, the Credits company has informed the crypto community about entering the European market. Due to the rapid expansion of partnership agreements and refinement of many tech products, the blockchain platform has received a license for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, crypto-wallet, and peer-to-peer services.The main legislative innovation

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Deutsche Bank Pilots Blockchain Technology To Provide Global Beneficial Ownership Transparency Solution

Deutsche Bank Securities Services has successfully piloted a solution using distributed ledger technology (DLT) to enable further automation of custodial services – a solution which addresses the transparency requirements within many custodial services, such as around the tax processing of asset holdings at an ultimate beneficial owner level, and streamlines

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Bitcoin Drop Beneficial in Building Market Foundation

According to Erik Voorhees, the CEO of popular cryptocurrency trading platform ShapeShift, the bear market of Bitcoin is crucial for building market foundation and infrastructure. He explained: “Bear markets are for builders. The calm, the quiet, the disillusionment. While the fickle and fair-weather peer around with nervous insecurity, the builders become the

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