Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Astros Manager Laughably Begs Critics to Think of the Children!

The Houston Astros cheating scandal has dominated spring training. The organization has been attacked relentlessly for issuing hollow apologies. New manager Dusty Baker complains that “enough is enough” and is begging the Astros’ irate victims to think about the children. It looks like the Houston Astros have had enough. They’ve issued their boilerplate

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Analyst Claims Bitcoin (BTC) At $10,000 Unlikely By Year’s End, BitMEX’s Hayes Begs To Differ

Bitcoin Options Traders Aren’t Too Optimistic Traders of Bitcoin (BTC) options contracts aren’t entirely optimistic, according to recently-compiled statistics. Per MarketWatch, who cited data from Skew’s Emmanuel Goh, while there has been more volume in the cryptocurrency market, investors in options (which allows traders to bet on an asset’s price at

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