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Harmony to Scale Samsung Wallet-Supported Blockchain Health Data App

Blockchain network Harmony teamed up with a Lithuanian blockchain-powered health app firm to enable fast and secure health data sharing.

According to a press release shared with CryptoX on Sept. 12, Harmony partnered with Lympo, a company developing an incentivizing platform for healthy lifestyle activities like walking or running, in order to boost the platform’s scalability.

LYM tokens supported by Samsung Blockchain wallet

Specifically, the Lympo app rewards users with LYM tokens for completing various daily challenges and allows spending the tokens to buy sports goods, gadgets and other products, the press release notes. 

In July 2019, the company announced that LYM tokens can be withdrawn to the crypto wallet on the new blockchain-enabled phone by global tech giant Samsung, Samsung blockchain wallet.

Available in the United States and South Korea, the app has reportedly gained over 260,000 users in eight months, reaching nearly 90,000 monthly active users.

Harmony’s IEO featured on Binance Launchpad

Within the new partnership, Harmony will help Lympo to provide its incentivizing app to everyone building healthy lifestyle habits, Lympo CEO Ada Jonuse said, adding that the cooperation will enable secure and scalable health data sharing targeting millions of new users.

Harmony’s blockchain is based on a system called deep sharding — the process involving breaking up a large database into smaller, more manageable segments in order to speed up transactions on the network. 

In May 2019, Harmony completed an initial exchange offering (IEO), featuring its Harmony (ONE) tokens on Binance Launchpad, an IEO platform developed by major global crypto exchange Binance.

In early August, Harmony partnered with blockchain gaming firm Animoca to jointly acquire Sequoia-funded digital collectible startup Quidd.


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