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Element Zero Selected for Plug and Play’s Friday Pitch on Money Tech

ElementZero.Network, a not-for-profit organization, announced attendance in Plug and Play Tech Centers’ Friday Pitch Session for the investment team. Plug and Play Tech Centers’ investment team hosted 15 select startups from their ecosystem on Friday, September 6 at their Sunnyvale, California Event Center focusing on Money Tech, for instance, Fintech, Insurtech, and Security. 

Jude Regev, Jointer’s CEO  presented Element Zero, generation payment network that addresses the weaknesses of existing stablecoin methodologies, including Tether, Libra, and BUSD. Developed by a leadership team of international digital currency experts in collaboration with Nobel Prize winners, blockchain leaders, and the former Chairman of the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).

As indicated in a release earlier this year, the Element Zero Testnet is live for users to experience the volatility free nature of the ecosystem. The Element Zero Protocol methodology empowers a new generation of decentralized stablecoins while eliminating the possibility for any volatility and providing an easy way of payment through a patent-pending process.

Element Zero’s Stablecoin Methodology uses a new and proprietary Algorithmic Stability Protocol that protects the stablecoin from any future volatility events before they begin. Further, the protocol is designed to keep it’s purchasing power in place by overcoming inflation.

“The main purpose of any currency is to allow the public to hold their savings and to function as a way to pay for goods and services,” said Jude Regev, Founder, and Chairman of Element Zero.“In order to be successful, a stablecoin needs to offer protection from numerous volatility-inducing factors, whether they are those that we know today or 100 years from now”.

Plug and Play is the ultimate innovation platform, bringing together the best startups and the world’s largest corporations. Plug and Play portfolio companies have raised over $7bn and includes over 2,000 companies like Paypal, Dropbox, and Lending Club to name a few. 

“Plug and Play’s connection to corporations will allow Element Zero unprecedented potential for mass adoption.” Regev said, “We want to create an ecosystem that works for all, not just large players and truly give purchasing power back to the people.” Regev adds.

About Element Zero Network

Element Zero is a not-for-profit organization based in Silicon Valley, CA, Our new Stability Protocol stablecoin is designed with the expectation of making the world better for all by offering protection against long-term inflation and by eliminating the possibility for any volatility in the first place. Visit

Media Contact: Kyle White, 234-414-0143, [email protected]


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