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Craig Wright Might Lose Half of his Bitcoin Funds to Kleiman Estate

The year long battle between the two supposed brains behind the world largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin(BTC)trade, might have reached its end already. The presiding judge Judge Bruce E. Reinhart, on Tuesday, gave his final ruling on the case, compelling the self-proclaimed Bitcoin founder Craig Wright to give up half of his Bitcoin wealth to his late partner’s estate, David Kleiman.

You will recall that the court already found Wright’s testimony as unreliable following a series of inconsistent evidence and testimonies. I guess it is a no brainer declaring David Kleiman’s estate the winner of the case. According to the judge’s ruling, Mr. Wright will give up half of all his wealth before December 2013, seeing that his partner died in 2013.

In addition to that, the Australian scientist will have to give up half of his intellectual properties before the end of the year 2013. Should his story of being the inventor of Bitcoin turn out true then the court ruling automatically makes Kleiman a part of the Nakamoto pseudonym.

Filed about a year ago, the estate of late David Kleiman believes that the self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor must have defrauded them of over a million Bitcoins that rightly belong to David Kleiman due to his partnership with Mr. Wright before his death.

Although Mr. Wright has contested the claim from the beginning, he has failed to produce a convincing evidence that his claims are right. In fact, Judge Beth Bloom of the Florida federal court found him ‘not credible’ after several inconsistencies in his testimonies and documents.

While that may mean that his stand in the case is false, it fails to tell exactly if he is the real founder of Bitcoin or by any means related to the pseudonym.

Who Is Satoshi?

From the onset of the case, the people of the crypto sphere and other members of the public have been of hope that the case may finally reveal whether or not Mr. Wright is the Nakamoto we all seek or, as it is much more probable, there is another out there. So far, the court is yet to determine the credibility of the statement.

From the look of things, however, it is pointing to the direction that Wright is most likely not the real Satoshi in spite of his dogged persistence to prove otherwise. But that is not a fact yet. That is a puzzle we will have to wait to uncover with time.

In the meantime, the elusive myth of Satoshi Nakamoto will continue to grow.

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