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US Air Force Partners with Constellation for Productized Blockchain Solutions

Constellation Network, a blockchain-backed technology company, confirmed in a press release its contract with the U.S. Air Force (USAF) to help the latter bring its legacy systems under the latest cloud infrastructure.

The agreement is part of USAF Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase 1 program that provides solutions that can fully integrate with the needs and requirements of the Air Force machinery as outlined in the guidelines of the program. The SBIR initiative calls upon small businesses to help the former to meet its various demands and needs. The latest contract with Constellation Network is one step closer in that direction.

Constellation Network provides infrastructure tools for enterprise level software solutions that ensure data provenance and integrity. It’s use of blockchain technology guarantees secure, cost-effective, scalable and easy to integrate system designs that large institutions such as the USAF can use.

In this case especially, the firm’s technology will unlock data from those systems, which is either inaccessible or requires arduous manpower to extract and sort, for multi-domain command and control. Constellation will assist the USAF change its current infrastructural design with a focus on ensuring a smooth compatibility between legacy and latest data types.

Constellation has offered a scalable and secure approach that enables the merger of legacy system data with existing cloud infrastructure data. Moreover, the efficacious plan will allow efficient and secure Big Data processing by providing an encrypted pipeline whose security will essentially be decentralized. Additionally, the new plan will maintain audit trails and a real-time updates of the status of any data type.

Blockchain Collaboration between the Public and Private Sectors

The proposal has received an welcoming response from small businesses that thrive on such contracts. Constellation Network’s CEO, Benjamin Jorgensen, said that partner firms do not buy blockchain technology off the shelf, but government organizations have the resources and the agenda that can drive the innovation forward.

Jorgensen further expressed his satisfaction at the US government’s willingness to engage with small businesses to assist with its various requirements and necessities. He added that such initiatives have allowed the government to be at the forefront of a revolution that will change the very way that existing infrastructures adopt new technologies, which shall protect the users’ privacy.

The blockchain firm is hopeful that the project will set the company on a path of an in-depth relationship building with other public sectors which can rely on its blockchain technology to satiate their big data needs and overcome forthcoming challenges. The company prides itself on providing a two-fold approach to satisfying these needs by offering secure data pipelines and keeping audit trails of data flows along those pipelines.

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