Friday, February 3, 2023
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Helium migrates its blockchain to Solana following T-Mobile partnership

On Thursday, the Helium Foundation announced that it would be moving its mainnet to the Solana blockchain following a community vote. According to the proposal, proof-of-coverage and Data transfer mechanisms will be moved to Helium Oracles. It’s official! The HIP 70 vote has ended. #Helium will be moving to the @Solana

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Sprint Stock Soars 70% on T-Mobile Merger Approval – Will Consumers Hold the Bag?

Sprint and T-Mobile have won a major lawsuit in their quest to merge. The deal is great for Sprint’s investors, but it will dramatically reduce competition in the industry. This merger is a major setback for anti-trust concerns in the United States, and it may harm consumers. Sprint’s (NYSE:S) stock soared over 70%

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Crypto Law Firm Silver Miller Acts Against AT&T, T-Mobile & Verizon for Enabling Sim Swapping

Sim swapping recently resurfaced on the map as one of the easiest means to defraud crypto investors. And while the sim owners could be crucified for negligence, no one has taken the time to question network providers which are supposedly custodians of these sim cards.Thankfully, a legal firm committed to

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