Thursday, November 21, 2019
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Report by South Africa’s Reserve Bank Makes Strides Toward Crypto Clarity in the Country

A working group of South African financial regulatory organizations has released a consultation paper focused on cryptocurrencies, calling for public input to develop a cryptocurrency regulation policy for the country.This latest consultation paper is the most in-depth review of cryptocurrencies from South African financial institutions since an initial public statement

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Crypto Giant Coinbase Made Strides In Q4 2018, Even As Bitcoin (BTC) Plunged 40%

Although Coinbase has recently become a controversial company, especially as it began to add crypto assets left and right, the company has long had an unrelenting drive for innovation. Since setting up shop in 2012, the San Francisco-headquartered startup, headed by a former Airbnb employee with visions of grandeur, has quickly

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Five Blockchain Projects Making Massive Strides in Real-world Partnerships Throughout 2018

Many people believe blockchain technology today doesn’t currently have real-world use cases or any tangible value being created from its adoption. Well, throughout 2018, these five projects have made great strides in blockchain technology becoming more widely adopted and advancing in that direction, the first of which is:  1) Ethereum Ethereum is

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