Monday, December 4, 2023
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Bitcoin Bloodbath Awakens Sleepy Giant As Spot Volumes Surge

Data shows the Bitcoin carnage has awakened the dead trading volume that had persisted since many months now. Bitcoin Trading Volume Surges To Highest Value Since December As per the latest weekly report from Arcane Research, the latest bloodbath in the crypto market has awakened BTC’s spot trading volume. The “trading volume” is

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Sleepy Swiss town launches Tezos-backed Coronavirus aid program

On Friday the Swiss town of Wetzikon -- formerly best-known for its idyllic pastures and churches -- launched a blockchain-based program to support small and medium-sized local businesses affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.Valued at 250,000 Swiss francs ($280,000), the initial aid disbursement will be funded with a municipal credit line

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First Mover: Sleepy Fed Meeting Belies Tense Economic Reality (Brrr) That May Buoy Bitcoin

After a two-day closed-door meeting this week, the Federal Reserve issued a six-paragraph statement on Wednesday and held an hour-long press conference. None of that was news, of course, and neither was anything else emanating from the U.S. central bank, which announced no policy changes.  You’re reading First Mover, CryptoX’s daily markets newsletter.

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