Friday, June 9, 2023
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Bitcoin Tagging the Lower Monthly Bollinger Band Would Be a Logical Place to Put a Bottom, says John Bollinger

Summary: John Bollinger has suggested that Bitcoin tagging the lower Bollinger Band on the monthly chart would be a logical place to put in a BTC bottom. However, he warned that Bitcoin is yet to tag the said Bollinger Band. MagicPoopCannon has also highlighted that Bitcoin’s weekly RSI is at its most oversold

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Tau-Chain Founder Ohad Asor and Prof. Franconi Explain Logical AI and How to Trade Knowledge – Interview Bitcoin News

Tau, in development, is the world’s first fully user-controlled blockchain, capable of understanding and implementing users’ consensus in real-time. It allows you to understand and be understood by billions of people, on a platform so advanced that it changes and updates itself based on how you as its users collaboratively

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