Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Learning a Valuable Lesson About Bitcoin, Privacy and ‘Blockchain’ at Austin’s Airport

But a couple days later, traversing security at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, I found myself “living the questions,” as the poet Rainer Maria Rilke advised. I experienced a minimal-information transaction first-hand, in a way that had nothing to do with bitcoin – and everything to do with bad decisions I made

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An Ode to LocalBitcoins (and a Lesson About Maintaining Bitcoin’s Public Goods)

Before the imposition of those compliance mechanisms, LocalBitcoins was a useful tool for people to enhance their privacy on-chain. But even after, the stripped-down service helped facilitate a native bitcoin economy – the platonic ideal of which would look like alphanumeric addresses interacting with similarly pseudonymous entities relying on Bitcoin’s

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Ripple CTO Says One Important Lesson From FTX Meltdown ‘Will Not Be Learned’ – Featured Bitcoin News

A Ripple executive says there is one important lesson from the meltdown of crypto exchange FTX that he “can say with total confidence will not be learned.” The executive added: “Regulation that punishes after the fact won’t catch it. Investor due diligence won’t either.” One Lesson From FTX Collapse That Won’t

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