Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Blockchain Developer Lattice Unveils ‘Alternative Data Availability’ Network for Optimism

"We call it alternative data availability, because the transaction data is available off-chain, not on Ethereum. To maintain security with this architecture, that’s why we have the permissionless on-chain DA challenge so that when the data is not available or doesn’t correspond to the data commitment, one can challenge it

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Lattice Exchange provides venue for finding undiscovered cryptocurrencies

Lattice Exchange, an automated market maker for the DeFi market, has launched a new product that seeks to allow cryptocurrency entrepreneurs to list their tokens and for users to participate in early-stage projects more seamlessly. Dubbed Lattice Launchpad, the new platform is described as a “one-stop shop for blockchain entrepreneurs” to

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Block Lattice Architecture Or Blockchain? DLT or DAG? Europeans Rally on GDPR-Compliant, Open Source, Cross-Border Framework for Phone Application Development

ADVERTISEMENTS A team of close to 130 people from 17 institutes, organisations and companies in Europe is developing a technology that is intended as an alternative to privacy-invading tracking technologies used in some countries in Asia to combat the COVID-19. Top experts from multiple European nations are working on an open-source

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