Friday, September 29, 2023
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Worldcoin cryptocurrency project suspended in Kenya

The new cryptocurrency and digital identity project, Worldcoin, is facing a rough start in Kenya, with the government halting all local activity associated with it.Kenya’s minister of internal security took to Facebook on Aug. 2 to announce that the country has suspended the activities of Worldcoin until relevant public agencies

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Kenya partners with Abu Dhabi’s Venom Foundation to build blockchain, Web3 hub

The partnership will attempt to contribute to driving blockchain innovation in the continent’s key sectors, including finance, supply chain, agriculture, business and cross-border trade, the May 10 announcement said.The planned blockchain and Web3 hub will serve as a central platform for African technology companies and government entities, fostering knowledge exchange

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Kenya to Start Levying Tax on Revenue Earned by Crypto Exchanges – Bitcoin News

According to regulations published by the country’s treasury secretary, global crypto exchanges used by Kenya’s estimated 4 million users will start paying a 1.5% tax on revenues earned. Tax-Avoiding Digital Asset Platforms The Kenyan Treasury has said it will start levying taxes on revenues earned by cryptocurrency exchanges used by an

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