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Ripple Unlocks Half Billion Tokens From Escrow as XRP Price Up 26% YTD

XRP price growth remains lackluster as February begins, despite blockchain payment network Ripple releasing 500 million tokens from its escrow.Data from the XRP blockchain noted by monitoring resource Whale Alert on Feb. 1 confirmed a single transaction of 500,000,000 tokens worth $119.5 million left Ripple’s escrow the same day.XRP

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XRP Price Stable as Ripple Unlocks 1 Billion Tokens From Escrow Wallet

Ripple, the blockchain payment network notionally tied to altcoin XRP, has begun 2020 by releasing funds from its escrow worth $192 million. Data scanned from the XRP blockchain by monitoring resource Whale Alert caught the latest consignment of XRP tokens, which forms one installment of a pre-planned release schedule Ripple

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Bitcoin Price Rebounds to $10,700, Ripple Transfers 500M XRP From Escrow

While Bitcoin price makes a comeback, XRP community investors warn Ripple overselling the XRP tokens as part of the company’s investments.After last week’s poor performance, Bitcoin is back in action swinging above $10,500 levels. Bitcoin price started gaining momentum since Monday, September 2 and added $1000 over the last 24

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