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Credit Suisse Exec Says Bank Culture Holds Back Adoption of Blockchain

Head of digital market assets at Credit Suisse, Emmanuel Aidoo, said that the desire among financiers to maintain the status quo is holding back the adoption of blockchain technology, Business Insider reported on April 23.In an interview with Business Insider, Aidoo said that banks’ unwillingness to adopt blockchain lies

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Can Blockchain Save Anime? Startup to Protect the Culture from ‘Unavoidable’ Decline

A Japan-based blockchain platform says the country’s beloved anime industry is at an impasse. While the number of global fans for this distinctive, inimitable animation style has been growing exponentially, artists face “a harsh work environment with very little incentive.”Twilight Coin fears that, if this trend continues, it is unavoidable

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Blockchain Platform to Promote Japanese Culture Through Movies, TV Shows and Music

A blockchain-based company says it is seeking to cater to what it calls a growing demand for Japanese culture — creating animations, music, games and movies, as international interest in this industry grows. According to MINDOL’s white paper, the country’s government is investing heavily in a “cool Japan” strategy, designed

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