Saturday, April 1, 2023
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CoolBitX Partnering with Elliptic to Address FATF’s Travel Rule

FinTech company CoolBitX may have a solution for countries that have not yet complied with the Financial Action Task Force’s “travel rule”. According to a statement from CoolBitX shared with Cryptox on July 21, the blockchain security company announced it would be partnering with cryptocurrency forensics firm Elliptic to address anti-money

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Blockchain Security Company CoolBitX Raised $16.75 Million in Series B

CoolBitX, creator of the cryptocurrency-storing CoolWallet, continues to be popular with investors. In a press release today, the Taiwan-based startup announced that it had secured additional funding for expansion.Led by Japan-based SBI Crypto Investment Co. Ltd., the Monex Group, BitSonic, and the National Development Fund of Taiwan, the group

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