Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Telegram Defends Its Security Architecture amid macOS Camera Exploit Risk

Telegram has implemented various security features to enhance user privacy and data protection. Popular messaging app Telegram has addressed a recent camera and security exploit that could allow attackers to gain control of a macOS device’s camera. A spokesperson for Telegram Remi Vaughn mentioned that Telegram users are not at risk

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Telegram addresses camera exploit, points to Apple macOS security permissions

Messaging application Telegram has played down the severity of an discovered exploit that allowed researchers to gain access to camera systems of Apple macOS users. Software engineer Dan Revah flagged the exploit in a blog post on May 15, outlining the method which allowed him to gain local privilege escalation to

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Blockchain technology now powers a privacy-focused security camera

IoTeX, a privacy-focused platform for the Internet of Things, has partnered with camera manufacturer Tenvis Technology to offer Ucam, an indoor security camera powered by blockchain technology.Head of business development at IoTeX Larry Pang told Cryptox that Ucam users can access their camera data through a decentralized system and log in

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