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Corporate Giants Embracing Crypto is Massive Boon For Bitcoin: Researcher

Binance’s loss of 7,000 Bitcoin (BTC), Bitfinex and Tether’s trouble in court, and the continual disapproval of BTC exchange-traded funds (ETFs) aside, the crypto news cycle has been widely positive. This trend continued on Thursday, with a multibillion-dollar telecommunications giant revealing that it would be taking its first foray into

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Slowing Macroeconomy Could Be A Boon For Bitcoin & FAANG Stocks: Researchers

Since 2018’s bear market came to life, investors have tried to determine what will revive Bitcoin (BTC) once again. According to industry researcher boutique Delphi Digital, the strength (or lack thereof) of the macroeconomy could be a boon for the cryptocurrency market moving forward, in spite of the fact that

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