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Etherscan Launches Fraud Monitoring and Address Blacklisting

Popular Ethereum (ETH) block explorer Etherscan has launched a machine-learning powered surveillance engine to flag ETH and wallets that are associated with illicit activity.Wallets that have originated from illegal sources will now be blacklisted — allowing users to identify when coins they are receiving have a checkered history.Etherscan blacklists

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Coinbase CEO Praises Privacy While Allegedly Blacklisting Anonymous Transactions

Co-founder and CEO of major U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Brian Armstrong attracted criticism after praising private crypto transactions in a tweet published on June 22.In the aforementioned tweet, Armstrong notes that “a scalable, sufficiently decentralized, chain that supported private transactions by default (privacy coins) would be a game changer.”

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What We Know About Google Ads Allegedly Blacklisting ‘Ethereum’ as a Keyword

 On Jan. 10, Serbia-based smart contract auditing startup Decenter reported that Google has blacklisted keywords mentioning Ethereum (ETH) on its advertising platform, Google Ads.Google Ads: We can’t confirm that Ethereum is eligible to trigger ads, see our policySpecifically, the startup tweeted that they saw “a hard stop” on Google Ads

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