Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Venezuela’s Bitcoin Birth Proves Crypto Beats Gold in Hyperinflated Economy

A Venezuelan man has used the bulk of his bitcoin savings to pay the medical costs of his son’s birth. Many consider adequate healthcare a universal human right but only few in the inflation-ridden country can actually afford it. José Rafael Peña, a materials engineer from Caracas, outlined the payment process

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Indian State Government Will Issue Birth Certificates on a Blockchain

Two local governments in West Bengal, India are integrating the application for birth certificates on a blockchain system developed by, a blockchain app company based in the Netherlands. Bankura Municipal Corporation and Durgapur Municipal Corporation will be using blockchain tech to handle administrative operations such as processing requests and verifying legal identities

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Indian Municipal Corporations Are Going to Issue Birth Certificates on Blockchain!

Several government bodies in India recently adopted Lynked.World’s exciting new platform in an effort to simplify citizen engagement and identification processes in the country. The company, based in Hoofddorp, Netherlands, offers a blockchain ID verification solution for everyday citizens, employers, higher education administrators, and governments. The app is already available

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