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bitFlyer Japan’s Assets Under Custody Topples 161.8 billion yen In August

The total Assets under bitFlyer Japan’s custody topples 161.8 Billion Yen or approximately US$1.5 billion far back in August, breaking an almost two-year stalemate.Per Coindesk Japan’s report, bitFlyer Japan’s total assets under custody which is the highest the firm has seen since 2018 was most likely fueled by the company’s

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Inside the Ethereum Economy: Weird Defi and Bitcoin’s $1 Billion Crop

Ethereum’s highly anticipated 2.0 upgrade is poised to bring the network ever closer to fulfilling its original vision to be a “world computer” that plays host to a parallel, decentralized financial system. At invest: ethereum economy on Oct. 14, we will address the ramifications for investors as decentralized finance takes the

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