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A Former Beauty Queen Raised $12M to ‘Revolutionize’ Cannabis. The Courts Can’t Find Her

Investors in the 2017 Paragon Coin token sale want their money back, but they can’t find the celebrity couple behind the operation. “The attorneys representing the defendants have withdrawn as counsel,” said attorney Donald Enright, who represents plaintiffs in this crypto-fueled legal dispute. Enright added the defendants “defaulted” by failing to

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Malaysia’s Watchdog Orders Immediate Stop to Beauty Guru Lavidacoin Promotion

The Securities Commission (SC) of Malaysia has ordered an immediate halt to all promotional activities for the recently-launched Lavidacoin (LVC) pending further review, according to a September 5 notice on the SC’s website.According to local news outlet The Star, Lavidacoin was created by Malaysian cosmetics mogul and beauty guru Datuk

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