Friday, September 25, 2020
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OCC Seeking to Remove Structural Barriers to Financial Inclusion

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, or OCC, launched a project aimed to improve financial inclusion of underserved populations.Called REACh, which stands for Roundtable for Economic Access and Change, will bring together banking industry leaders and national civil rights, business and technology organizations to identify and reduce barriers

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Bitcoin for $22K and Blockchain Erasing Industries’ Barriers: Biggest Predictions for 2018

Photo: Pavlos Giorkas / FlickrIn the controversial world of cryptocurrencies, everybody tries to make guesses and predict future market tendencies, prices, estimate the prospects of some projects, etc. Some of those predictions are true, some are not. It’s time for us to have a look at all the hopes

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‘Legendary’ PoS Creator Announces Plans to Remove Entry Barriers for Developers in 2019

A blockchain project with the ambition of being at the forefront of a “brand-new digital economy era” has unveiled its vision for 2019-2020, with five important milestones that will enable its technology to evolve in line with the needs of its user base.VEE, the latest blockchain database project by Sunny

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