Friday, February 23, 2024
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Net Bitcoin ATMs record an increase after 4 months of global downtrend

Breaking the year-long trend of declining Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto ATMs across the globe, May recorded a steep increase in net installations with nearly 1,400 machines.The total number of crypto ATMs witnessed a consistent decline for the first four months of 2023. During the timeframe, while major economies including the

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UK financial watchdog announces inspections against sites with suspected illegal crypto ATMs

The United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority, or FCA, has announced the inspection of sites across the country “suspected of hosting illegally operated crypto ATMs.”In a May 5 announcement, the FCA said it had coordinated with local authorities in the cities of Exeter, Nottingham and Sheffield to raid facilities suspected of

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UK’s Financial Conduct Authority Continues Crackdown on Unregistered Crypto ATMs in Exeter, Nottingham and Sheffield

The FCA said it has inspected sites in Exeter, Nottingham and Sheffield alongside the regional police. The devices for turning fiat currency into crypto are seen as a money laundering threat, and none are logged with the FCA as is required by law, the regulator said in a statement on

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