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Paycent Announces Trading Contest as It Goes Live on Binance DEX

Binance DEX is one of the sought-after trading platforms within the cryptocurrency community, and every project wishes to get listed on that. Paycent, the first crypto-fiat debit card has managed to achieve this, as the company’s PYN tokens go live on Binance DEX on September 3, 2019. To mark the occasion, and to promote the project further, Paycent has announced a 45-day long trading contest with attractive giveaways and prizes on offer.

In what it calls the biggest trading contest in the history of crypto, Paycent is planning to give away close to $1,000,000 worth of gifts and merchandise which includes a $350,000 Bentley Bentyaga automobile, gold bar weighing a kilogram, 5 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watches and 500 more tangible gifts. The contest is open for PYN token holders and traders, and in order to qualify they should open an account on Binance DEX, deposit their BNB and start trading the PYN/BNB pair.

Speaking about the new development and the trading contest, General Manager at Paycent Helen Laylo said, “We have the best community, their great commitment and engagement allowed us to get listed on Binance DEX. We want to show how we care, so let’s celebrate this great milestone participating in the biggest giveaway in the history of crypto. We tried to pick the prizes that will leave their mark and stay with those who win them. Having designed the trading competition in a way that gives every single trader the chance to win the main prize, we hope PYN-C37 traders and holders will enjoy the process, because this contest is worth it.”

Paycent has already gained recognition as a crypto-fiat debit card provider, with over 82,000 such cards issued to its customers. Among the prizes offered to the contest participants include preloaded Paycent cards, iPhone XR smartphones, with winners declared every 4, 12 and 24 hours respectively. Then there are the weekly lucky draws, where winners are picked out of the trading pool. Winners in this weekly draw stand to gain luxury trips to hottest global destinations, 4K LED TVs, drones and much more.

With the contest starting Sep 3, 2019,  it will go on till Oct 17, 2019, and at the end of Week 6, the participant with the highest trading volume will win the dream-come-true Bentley Bentyaga SUV, followed by 1 KG gold bar to the second-highest combined volume trader. 3rd to 7th places will receive Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watches worth $20,000 each. All-time highest PYN-C37 holders will share 5 cutting edge Intel Extreme Processors, 5 Epson home cinema projectors and 10 top-notch gaming consoles. Other prizes include Paycent global crypto-fiat prepaid cards loaded with amounts ranging from $1000 to $7500, Bose music systems and headphones, Trezor/Ledger wallets, Samsung hard drives, Apple Watches, Oculus headsets, MacBook Pro 2019 and MSI gaming machines.

More information about Paycent and the trading contest is available on the company website.


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