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DigiToads features helped litecoin, XRP, and bitcoin cash survive multiple bear runs

Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are established cryptocurrencies that were also not immune to challenging market conditions marked by extended price dumps and slumping interest in the recent past.

However, DigiToads, a new crypto project, plans to roll out distinctive features that leave an impression on the broader industry. DigiToads investors can benefit by holding TOADS, its native token. The platform will introduce a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace for collectors to buy popular NFTs. 

Additionally, it organizes trading contests, one of the multiple reasons investors are flocking and banking on the platform’s diverse ecosystem.

Supporters argue that these features have given TOADS an advantage, indirectly supporting LTC, XRP, and BCH. Specifically, the state of TOADS’ price action has helped these mainstream coins partly navigate through bear cycles.

This article looks at how DigiToads’ key features made litecoin, ripple, and bitcoin cash firm in the last bear run.

DigiToads prospers with distinctive features

LTC, XRP, and BCH have been firmer–and even higher– in recent bear runs, with the DigiToads presale offering an opportunity for coin holders and investors to diversify their crypto portfolios.

The presale has attracted significant attention from token holders looking to earn up to 450% in capital gains on launch. The ninth presale stage alone raised over $6 million and sold 360 million TOADS tokens at $0.047 each.

Industry experts anticipate further demand before the final stage, Lilypad 10, when the price is expected to surge to $0.05.

DigiToads’ NFT marketplace offers a curated collection of 3,500 unique NFTs. Traders and collectors can trade, sell, or hold onto their acquired NFTs, possibly generating income and capitalizing on the increasing value of NFTs. This has partly contributed to the resilience of LTC, XRP, and BCH holders during bear runs.

DigiToads organizes monthly trading contests where participants can win 12 Platinum Toads as prizes, with one awarded monthly. Highly skilled traders manage the Treasury in the decentralized finance (DeFi) market. 

The 12 users with Platinum Toads receive a 10% share of any trading profits they generate for the Treasury. This initiative incentivizes participants to contribute to the growth of the DigiToads ecosystem.

Litecoin navigated tumultuous market conditions

LTC has experienced its fair share of bear runs, characterized by extended periods of declining prices and market pessimism. 

These bear runs have been common since 2023 because of certain factors. The LTC price performance is usually linked to bitcoin (BTC).

Amidst these challenges, DigiToads’ successful presale has played a crucial role in allowing LTC to adapt to the profit potential of TOADS and survive bear runs.

Ripple overcame bears

XRP has faced several bear runs owing to regulatory hurdles and legal disagreements encountered by Ripple Labs. 

As a result, XRP and its investors have had to navigate challenging market conditions and significant price fluctuations. Nevertheless, investors remain optimistic and continue to buy XRP, shoring prices. 

Meanwhile, DigiToads’ key features have been an inspiration to XRP holders. Most of them continue to buy the coin, loading on dips, making XRP more resilient even during bear runs.

Bitcoin Cash survived thanks in part to DigiToads’ friendly price

Bitcoin Cash’s utility coin, BCH, faced multiple bear markets in H1 2023, resulting in a prolonged price decline and market pessimism. 

Factors such as increased regulatory scrutiny, market sentiment, and a general drop in investor confidence contributed to the bearish trend. 

However, because of DigiToads’ market-friendly price–among its other distinctive features–, investors have been gravitating towards undervalued, low-priced coins, including BCH. 

This strategy has indirectly propped BCH, allowing bulls to shake off bears.

Final thoughts

Despite market fluctuations and price declines affecting LTC, XRP, and BCH, TOADS has emerged as an alternative for examination due to DigiToads’ potential, NFT marketplace, monthly trading contests, and other features and offerings.

These characteristics can be considered as opportunities for discerning investors. Specifically, the platform allows users to engage with NFTs, and there is also a chance for traders to showcase their skills in contests.

Therefore, DigiToads has allowed LTC, BCH, and XRP holders to consider investing, allowing them to survive deep price declines in the recent crypto winter.

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