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Bitcoin Casino MintDice Attracts Gamers with Innovative Business Model

While a traditional casino system lacks transparency, MintDice Bitcoin casino is here to show how cryptocurrency and its underlying technology can change the industry.

Cryptocurrencies have flourishing use cases when it comes to betting platforms, and the sector has enjoyed a growing rate of adoption. Although most betting platforms used to be exclusive to Bitcoin, today, a number of upcoming platforms are taking the liberty to introduce betting in a number of cryptocurrencies that make for improved decentralization and variety.

Provably fair betting using cryptocurrency is one of the ways crypto-based casinos are becoming more popular than their regular online counterparts. This is largely due to the fact that the blockchain technology such as cryptographic hashing makes it possible to track transactions and offers a level of transparency often elusive in traditional casino systems. However, being a nascent subcategory of the cryptocurrency industry, crypto-based betting platforms still have hurdles to overcome.

An Ambitious Betting Platform

Betting platform MintDice is on the fast lane to becoming a star in the Bitcoin casino industry as it proposes new and unprecedented business opportunities in the industry. First off, with its provably fair betting algorithm, players can leverage the privilege of blockchain’s perks to review their bets and confirm the platform is consistently being transparent. In a bid to further establish trust, MintDice ensures the house edge is not greater than a mere 1-3% for all types of games currently supported on the platform.

Aiming to become a forerunner through some of its initiatives, MintDice’s CEO Bryce expressed his optimism founded upon the results they’ve experienced thus far despite being a new company. He said:

“We are relatively new to the scene in what seems like a somewhat sleepy market but we are slowly gaining interest that is fairly apparent on our backend sheets and trust in the community.”

His sentiment further buttresses the point that players are still in search for the utmost experience – and yes, they may have found it in Bitcoin casino MintDice. How so? Well, MintDice introduces new gaming features to expand on the already existing Bitcoin Dice, and Slots and introduces innovative games such as Plinko and an upcoming PowerMint Bitcoin Lottery Jackpot. In changing the online betting paradigm even further, MintDice has innovated a business concept that harmonizes both investors and players in its ecosystem.

A New Investment Paradigm

Building on a successfully launched transparent and provably fair gaming platform, MintDice sets out to create more value for its ecosystem as it introduces investment opportunities that would almost turn any player into an investor. 

The investment design allows players/investors to take part in the successes of the betting platform and of course in the risks, however, in the long run, profitable for all. This feat is accomplished by opening up its bankrolls to members of its ecosystem to stake a certain amount of funds in it and reap an ROI equivalent to the pooling strength of their investment.

MintDice also proposes a risk-free Masternode/Staking investment opportunity whereby users of its betting platform can invest at a bearable minimum in shared Masternode opportunities and reap rewards while bearing no risks from the investments, as the Casino pays dividends from its in-house proceeds thereby bearing the utmost risk.

The platform has proposed a “Be the Bank” initiative that will allow its users to earn 15% of each bet they place on the MinDice platform. More investment opportunities are explained in detail here.

Many more reward opportunities are currently available as an incentive to drive demand and traffic to the platform, more so, the platform is set to release some exciting new games this fall.


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