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XRP 6-Year Trendline Draws To A Close, 1,500% Rally Seen

As the major pieces begin to fall into place, XRP may now be in a position where things are going well for its future price trajectory. While XRP enthusiasts are still reeling in amazement over Ripple’s recent win in court, a crypto analyst has dropped a bullish XRP price prediction that investors can look forward to. According to the analyst known as Jaydee, XRP is getting close to skyrocketing into new price territories.

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Analyst Predicts XRP Rally To $7.5

XRP days of trading less than $1 may be ending very soon, according to a recent price prediction by crypto analyst Jaydee. The analyst made this known while sharing an ultra bullish prediction on social media platform X. According to the XRP/USD bi-weekly price chart shared by the analyst, a six-year trendline is finally drawing to a close. This trendline closure could signal the start of a massive bull run.

Interestingly, Jaydee’s technical analysis is based on a non-logarithmic price scale for XRP and a previous occurrence. Despite the price swings in the past six years, XRP has broadly traded within a descending channel since its record peak of $3.40 in 2017.

The upper resistance line has capped upside around $1.90, while the lower support line has held above $0.14 during the multi-year bear market. However, recent price action suggests the entire 6-year downtrend is now wedging towards an apex. The contracting range is leaving less and less room for XRP to fluctuate between resistance and support.

XRP is now trading at $0.48. Chart: TradingView

XRP Set For A Breakout

As pointed out by Jaydee, this only suggests XRP is set for a breakout to the upside. Furthermore, the analyst indicated a price target of $7.5 when XRP finally surges. With XRP currently trading at $0.4873, this price target represents an increase of 1,430%.

While that may sound outlandish, the analyst points to a similar price cycle between 2013 and 2017 to justify such an explosive move. Notably, a similar breakout of a five-year descending triangle pattern saw XRP surge over 600x to peak at $3.4.


Jaydee also noted “dumb money” traders will eventually be left behind during the surge. “We will make sure to take PROFITS on Dumb Money! It will be a FUN but VERY SAD cycle for most,” the analyst said.

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Whether XRP can replicate those blistering gains remains to be seen. Despite his outrageous bullishness, Jaydee did reply affirmatively to a comment mentioning that this cycle could be different from the 2017-2021 cycle. Looking at XRP’s chart, some key resistance zones to watch are around $0.54, $0.63, and $0.8. 

Featured image from Adobe Stock, chart from TradingView