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Top analyst eyes new crypto, hinting a possible end to Binance Coin and Dogecoin reign

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Binance token and Dogecoin dominance could come to an end amid recent price uncertainty. Investors are looking for promising alternatives such as Rollblock

Trending crypto coins like Binance (BNB) and Dogecoin (DOGE) have enjoyed their reigns in their respective niches, with both still maintaining a solid position among the top 10 ranked crypto coins by market cap. However, following a month-long of uncertainty, both cryptocurrencies have struggled to keep up with their uptrend. While this long period of stagnation casts doubt, top market analysts are looking elsewhere. Rollblock (RBLK) shine among several options, particularly for its unique and upcoming GambleFi protocol that aims to bridge the gap between decentralized and centralized gaming. 

Binance faces resistance below the $600 price mark

The past month has been a rollercoaster for many crypto coins as the majority struggled to maintain a positive trajectory despite the anticipated bull run associated with Bitcoin halving. In particular, Binance has, by and large, traded within a static range in the past month. 

Despite reaching a peak price of $626 and a lowest point at $517, the native BNB token has traded within a narrow monthly price range of $587 and $592 over the past month, reflecting barely 1% increase in value during the duration. While Binance token maintains a superior position in the crypto market, it has mostly been on a recovery journey for the past month.

Dogecoin is still 18% down in the past month

Following a month-long unfortunate price movement, Dogecoin has staged a recovery in the past week after registering a nearly 14% increase in value while trading within a price range of $0.14 and $0.16. Compared to the monthly price chart, Dogecoin’s price is still down by nearly 19%, which suggests that the recovery is still in progress. 

Meanwhile, Dogecoin still maintains a lead position among the top memecoins by market cap, boasting over $22.9B in market cap and $1.6B in trading volume. These figures indicate an increased demand for the native DOGE token, reaffirming its status among the current ranking crypto coins.

Rollblock’s GambleFi ecosystem to disrupt the multi-billion gambling industry  

The crypto industry is a minefield of endless possibilities, evident in Rollblock (RBLK) market debut as a GambleFi protocol. As a leader in this new niche, Rollblock aims to bridge the gap between centralized and decentralized gaming by offering the best attributes of both worlds.

While the Rollback ecosystem offers many thrilling features, its unique revenue share model is a point of attraction. Notably, Rollblock, a community-backed crypto casino, allocates a portion of its revenue to token holders. Besides providing a passive income for token holders, this unique approach is set to disrupt the igaming landscape and the casino market.

Some casinos, both online and offline, lack transparency in their dealing with players. However, to resolve this, Rollblock adopts blockchain technology to ensure that every transaction is permanent and immutable, making it impossible to alter bets once placed on the platform. By addressing major concerns around fairness and trust issues that have plagued traditional online gambling, Rollblock is able to solidify its position among the crypto coins that are gaining momentum.

With Rollblock’s casino already live and running, interested participants can equally join the ongoing presale campaign and tap into the $450B gambling industry. Currently, in stage 1 of 7, the native RBLK token is selling for $0.01, with projection to surge by 10x by the end of the campaign. Meanwhile, the good part of playing Rollblock casino is that users are able to play completely anonymously with no KYC requirements.
To discover more about Rollblock, visit the website or join the social media community.

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