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There’s a Big PS5 Event Coming – But Brace for a Classic Sony Letdown

  • Sony reportedly plans to host a PS5 digital event on June 3.
  • Anyone expecting a proper console reveal should prepare to be disappointed.
  • There’s cause for optimism, though. The showcase should feature a hefty roster of first-party games.

After weeks of rumors and speculation, Bloomberg News reports that Sony is primed to host its highly-anticipated PlayStation 5 (PS5) digital showcase as early as next week.

The report suggests June 3, although it cautions that last-minute delays linked to the ongoing pandemic could see the date shift.

Bloomberg reports a PS5 showcase on June 3. | Source: Twitter

Aside from the excitement of a more or less firm date, the news comes with one serious caveat – anyone expecting a big PlayStation 5 blowout should prepare for disappointment.

This Is Not a PS5 Reveal

According to the report, Sony plans to showcase a lineup of PS5 games instead of a big drop of the curtain that unveils all the details about the next-gen console.

After months of patient waiting, eager PS5 fans may not get a console reveal at all.

Sony’s promotional pace to date suggests as much. The drip-feed of PlayStation 5 news has trudged forward at an excruciatingly slow pace punctuated only by disparate nuggets of information.

Mark Cerny’s developer-focused March keynote offered a slightly soporific dive into the tech underpinning the console that left gamers dissatisfied.

The reveal of the DualSense controller certainly whet appetites, but it was characteristically thin on details.

There’s a pattern here. It’s one Sony will likely replicate come June 3 – reveal enough to generate hype but leave gamers wanting more.

What We Can Get Excited About

Nevertheless, there’s cause for optimism. According to multiple reports, a hefty slate of games is on the cards. One insider colorfully described Sony’s roster as “a big f****** line-up.”

It’s safe to assume that first-party titles will take center stage, possibly padded out by a few select third-party games.

Sony has not prioritized transparency in its PS5 marketing campaign. Don’t expect that to change now. | Source: rafapress/

Sony has reportedly cautioned developers and publishers to only showcase titles running on PlayStation 5. Such a move is presumably to preempt a backlash akin to the one weathered by Xbox after its gameplay-less next-gen showcase earlier this month.

On another positive note, Sony will presumably follow up next week’s PS5 showcase with more events. These are expected in the weeks and months ahead.

Yet, with Microsoft delivering a glut of Xbox Series X details, the notion that we still have a long slog before finding out everything about the PS5 won’t sit well with some.

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