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Crypto Tracking Helps Uncover a Huge Global Child Porn Ring Based in South Korea

Thanks to the tracking characteristics of blockchain technology, United States authorities have been able to uncover the largest international child porn ring ever.It is no news that crypto coins can (and are being) used to finance illegal activities. These activities range from (but are not limited to) aiding money laundering

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Researchers Uncover Threat of ‘Unusual’ Virtual Machine Crypto Mining

Cybersecurity firm ESET has detected what it describes as an unusual and persistent cryocurrency miner distributed for macOS and Windows since August 2018. The news was revealed in a report from ESET Research published on June 20.According to ESET, the new malware, dubbed “LoudMiner,” uses virtualization software — VirtualBox

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Indian Police Uncover Cryptocurrency Scam Involving BitConnect Promoter

Indian police have reportedly discovered an alleged multi-million dollar cryptocurrency scam, involving a BitConnect promoter, local media outlet the Times of India reported on June 3.The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Gujarat, India, has accused Divyesh Darji — a promoter of now-defunct cryptocurrency investment program BitConnect that ceased its

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