Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Stably USD stablecoin enters bitcoin’s on-chain economy

Share Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Share on Telegram Copy Link Link copied To facilitate efficient trading within bitcoin’s (BTC) evolving on-chain economy, crypto startup Stably has introduced Stably USD, a new dollar-backed stablecoin. In a significant development for bitcoin‘s rapidly developing on-chain economy, a new dollar-backed stablecoin named Stably

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Stablecoin Issuer Stably Creates Dollar-Backed Token for Bitcoin Ordinals

The company’s first bitcoin-linked stablecoin will have to fare better than its other stablecoin products if it wants to succeed in the long term. Stably’s stablecoin in the ethereum ecosystem, called StableUSD (USDS) has only 752 holders and a market cap of $264,000, per etherscan – basically irrelevant when compared

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