Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Protection Over Profit: What Early Mining Patterns Suggest About Bitcoin’s Inventor

New research from RSK/IOV’s Sergio Demian Lerner reveals that Patoshi, an early Bitcoin miner assumed by many to be Satoshi Nakamoto, mined using an algorithm that was not included in Bitcoin’s first client release.This finding finally explicates why Patoshi’s hashing patterns are so much different than other, early Bitcoin miners,

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Getting Out of Cash Is Key to Wealth and Inflation Protection, Pompliano Says

During a recent YouTube livestream, Morgan Creek Digital co-founder and crypto expert Anthony Pompliano detailed the current post-COIVD-19 economy, noting the U.S. government's money printing and spending efforts.   "There is a devaluation of currency," Pomliano said in his July 18 livestream. "The whole secret to building wealth is to get

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