Saturday, June 10, 2023
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KyberSwap announces potential vulnerability, tells LPs to withdraw ASAP

Kyber Network, developer of the Kyberswap Elastic decentralized crypto exchange, has announced on Apr. 17 that there is a potential vulnerability in the exchange's contracts. It has advised all liquidity providers to remove their funds as soon as possible.1/2Attention KyberSwap Elastic Liquidity Providers:We have identified a potential vulnerability, and as

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Ankr says no one should trade aBNBc, only LPs ‘caught off guard’ will be compensated

Following yesterday's confirmed multi-million dollar exploit, BNB Chain based protocol Ankr took to its company blog on Dec. 2 to relay its next steps to users.The team said it was identifying liquidity providers to decentralized exchanges as well as protocols supporting aBNBc or aBNBb LP. The group also said it

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