Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Hidden as colors, crypto seed phrases could hide in plain sight, says dev

A newly released tool called “BIP39 Colors” is turning Bitcoin (BTC) and other crypto wallet seed phrases into colors — giving users a potentially new way to hold their funds in cold storage.The developer, only known as Entero Positivo — Spanish for “positive integer” — released BIP39 Colors on June 25, which

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Brazilian Digital Real Passes Public Blockchain Pilot Test With Flying Colors – News Bitcoin News

A tokenized version of the digital real, the Brazilian central bank digital currency (CBDC), has passed a public blockchain pilot test successfully. The test, which was carried out by Mercado Bitcoin, a local exchange, using the Stellar network, shows that the digital real token can be used in public blockchains

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Forget NFT Avatars, Owning and Trading NFT Colors Could Be the Next NFT Trend on OpenSea, Rarible and Foundation

In brief New NFT project, BitColors, wants to give users the ability to own and trade colors as NFT tokens. Just like with CryptoPunks, early adopters may be in for some massive ROI. NFTs are still such a big deal Following Beeple’s $69.3 million NFT sales in March, the digital art market appears to

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