Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Just Saying No to Digital Dollars Means Cementing the Surveillance Status Quo — CoinDesk

Whether the U.S. participates or not, the rest of the world is exploring and deploying CBDCs. According to the Atlantic Council, 114 countries, representing more than 95% of global gross domestic product, are exploring CBDCs. Actively engaged in this digital gold rush are 19 of the G-20 countries, including India,

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Mercado Bitcoin parent company 2TM raises $50M, further cementing unicorn status

2TM, the parent company of Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange Mercado Bitcoin, has received $50.3 million in fresh financing to expand its operations across Latin America, sending a strong signal that venture capital sees growth potential in the region. The Series B fundraiser had participation from United States-based funds 10T and Tribal Capital,

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