Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Crypto bank runs in 2022 catalyzed by institutional withdrawals: Research

The 2022 crypto bank runs — caused by the failure of multiple ecosystem giants — have had a lasting impact on the crypto industry. A new research report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (FRBC) has identified several key factors and catalysts that accelerated last year’s crypto crisis.The report identified that

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Bitcoin ETPs Saw Massive Inflows in May Despite the Crypto Market Selloff Catalyzed by UST’s Depeg Event

Summary: The month of May saw a strong recovery in the inflow of Bitcoin into ETPs, with a total of 9,765 BTC. The flow of BTC into Bitcoin ETPs has also been favorable into June, with the global holdings hitting an all-time high of 205,008 Bitcoin. The Canadian Purpose Bitcoin ETF has led

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