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Ryder to operate FAST Pool, become signer in Stacks’ Nakamoto upgrade

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Ryder, a crypto hardware wallet, will integrate FAST Pool, a self-service stacking service, and participate as a Signer in the upcoming Stacks’ Nakamoto upgrade.

In a press release shared with, this partnership marks a crucial step towards advancing Stacks as a complete Bitcoin layer-2 solution.

FAST Pool, a stacking service in the Stacks ecosystem, enables users to stack STX, participate in network validation, and contribute to processing sBTC, a decentralized 1:1 Bitcoin-backed asset.

By operating FAST Pool and becoming a Signer in the Nakamoto upgrade, Ryder is strengthening the decentralized foundation of the Stacks ecosystem and paving the way for a more robust and scalable Bitcoin experience.

As a Signer, Ryder will play a pivotal role in enabling permissionless movement of BTC onto the Stacks Layer through its open network.

Signers validate Stacks blocks and process transactions, ensuring the security and integrity of the network. Ryder’s participation in the Stacks ecosystem, with a total value locked (TVL) of 43 million STX, will further enhance the network’s decentralization and resilience.

Louise Ivan, CEO at Ryder, said:

“Making life easier and safer for users is at the core of our mission at Ryder. By bringing FAST Pool into the Ryder family, we are committed to improving usability and accessibility within the Stacks ecosystem. Together, we aim to provide users with an additional layer of security on top of the unique security properties of the Stacks layer. We believe this collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of Bitcoin, making it truly accessible to everyone.”

This integration represents a significant milestone for Ryder and the broader Stacks community, further strengthening the security and decentralization of the Bitcoin layer-2.

By empowering users to participate in network validation and enabling seamless BTC-to-sBTC transfers, Ryder is empowering individuals to take ownership of their digital assets and contribute to the future of Bitcoin.

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