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Pepe Coin surges 20% this week, sparking interest as a leading memecoin

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Pepe coin rises 20%, gaining traction as analysts predict further gains, while Dogeverse raises $13 million in its presale, highlighting its potential.

The memecoin showdown intensifies, and Pepe is vying for frontrunner status as it pumps 20% this week. Will its rally continue, and is it the best memecoin to buy now?

Pepe price shows relative strength, analysts forecast gains 

Pepe’s recent run shows no signs of slowing down, and analysts are rallying in support. The frog-themed meme coin continues to gather pace today despite a broader market slump. It is up 6.2%, while the total crypto market cap is down by 0.8%.

Pepe is currently trading at $0.000008422. This represents a 24% premium this week and a 9% premium this month. It holds a $3.5 billion market cap and a $755 million 24-hour trading volume, up 25% today.

The project’s market cap makes it the third-largest meme coin and 30th-largest cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, its trading volume places it in the 14th position.

Its price remains 21% lower than its March ATH, but traders are optimistic about a swift reclaim. “PEPE is easily the best-looking altcoin chart right now. It looks ready for a move to new all-time highs,” wrote analyst Jameson on X recently.

Pepe Coin surges 20% this week, sparking interest as a leading memecoin - 2

Similarly, Max Schwartzman, CEO of the media outlet Because Bitcoin, recently compared Pepe to Dogecoin. He anticipates that both cryptos will perform well but that Pepe is in “price discovery” against Dogecoin, which lays the way for exponential growth.

Max said, “Doge looks really strong here. This is the first higher time frame pullback after breaking out of a 500+ day bear market re-accumulation range. I would expect Doge to hold & rally from here.”

He continued, “If Doge looks primed for higher and the Pepe/Doge pair is in price discovery, what does that mean? It means that Pepe is on a moon mission.”

Pepe Coin surges 20% this week, sparking interest as a leading memecoin - 3

Meanwhile, Zaza anticipates a move toward a $15 billion market cap, equating to 4x from its current price.

“There is almost no resistance anymore. If we cross the green box, the 90 levels are next, and then ATH. The next move will take us to a 12-15 billion market cap.”

Pepe Coin surges 20% this week, sparking interest as a leading memecoin - 4

Indeed, with relative strength against the broader crypto market, Pepe’s upcoming trajectory looks promising.

But another meme coin gaining pace is Dogeverse; it is currently undergoing a presale and has raised a staggering $13 million.

Dogeverse raises $13m in presale, IEO coming soon

It’s not often that a meme coin brings an entirely new concept to market while providing investors a chance to get in early, but that’s exactly what has happened with Dogeverse.

The new meme coin is the first Doge-themed cryptocurrency to launch on multiple blockchains. 

In a bid for unrivaled accessibility, Dogeverese is available on Ethereum, Solana, Base, BSC, Avalanche, and Polygon.

This unique multichain outlook is not just for optics. By interconnecting the six smart contract-enabled blockchains, Dogeverse unites the once-differential communities, embracing memetic positivity while brushing aside any trivial feuds.

Dogeverse’s approach means there has never been a meme coin with access to more on-chain liquidity. The project is currently undergoing a presale and has raised over $13 million, reflecting traders’ interest in this captivating use case.

Analysts are also immensely bullish, with pundits from the 99Bitcoins YouTube channel recently noting the meme coin market’s strength and speculating that Dogeverse could 100x after its exchange launch.

While the future certainly looks bright for Dogevese, potential investors are racing against the clock. That’s because the presale will end soon, and then DOGEVERSE will launch on exchanges, where its price will be dictated by supply and demand dynamics.

To learn more, visit the Dogeverse presale.

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