Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Payment methods to integrate in p2p Crypto Exchange

If you are starting your P2P Crypto exchange, you should provide multiple payment options for the users. Facilitating various payment options will not only improve their trade but also helps in the growth of your platform. There are some favorable payment options that you can integrate into your P2P bitcoin exchange script to develop your business.

Payment options for your P2P Crypto Exchange software:

  1. Card Payments: Card payments are the most preferred payment options among traders. It is completely interlinked with the bank. Credit/Debit card payments are the fastest and reliable payments because the currency is transferred from the bank to the trading site. The user can do cryptocurrency to currency transactions or vice versa using their card.
  2. Bank transfers – NEFT or RTGS bank transfers is another such option. You can request your user to do a bank transfer by attaching your bank information. After confirmation of the transaction, the user account will be credited with that particular amount to trade.
  3. Digital payments – There are many third-party payment sites available in the market. You can integrate such payment options to facilitate the transactions efficiently and swiftly. People nowadays rely upon swift transactions and these digital payments are a replacement to traditional bank transfers.
  4. International payment methods – Some of the traders will be having money in their international digital wallets like Paypal, Skrill or Neteller. Integrating those popular digital transaction mediums will uplift your exchange forum that you can stand unique from your competitors.
  5. Crypto payments – The entire world is transforming towards the new digital transaction. The exchange platform conducts the crypto payments faster, and so, the crypto payments like BTC, XRP, and others will be a valid choice.


Final thoughts:

Cryptocurrency is becoming the trend of the present generation. So, initiating your White label cryptocurrency exchange software  is the best business option. Integrating the above-mentioned payment methods will further enhance the stand of your business thereby leading to a magnanimous increase in the number of traders using your P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform.