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OpenSea Unveils Next Gen NFT Aggregator Dubbed OpenSea Pro

The OpenSea Pro through Gem v2 will help digital art collectors discover the best deals in over 170 marketplaces.

The Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) industry has grown to a $2.1 billion valued crypto sector with OpenSea playing a crucial role in global adoption. Founded in 2017, OpenSea has facilitated over $20 billion in NFT volume from over 2 million collections. Moreover, the NFT marketplace is backed by top industry investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase ventures, Trust Wallet, Pascal Capital, and Blockchain Capital, among others.

OpenSea has, however, not stopped developing infrastructure for NFT collectors, and content creators to seamlessly trade their digital collectibles. Furthermore, the NFT marketplace industry has significant competition including from Gemini exchange-backed Nifty Gateway among many others.

OpenSea Pro Drops

The OpenSea team led by founders Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah has constantly been developing tools to stay ahead of the competition since the Covid-19 global outbreak. Earlier last year, OpenSea announced the acquisition of Gem, a leading NFT marketplace aggregator. The OpenSea team promised to allow Gem to develop independently but allow integration of key features to enable seamless NFT trades.

Fast forward a year later, the OpenSea team announced the launch of OpenSea Pro through the help of Gem v2. Moreover, the OpenSea Pro through Gem v2 will help digital art collectors discover the best deals in over 170 marketplaces.

“Over the past several months, the Gem team has been working tirelessly to build and refine the platform to its new form: Gem v2. And today, we’re officially joining forces to unveil OpenSea Pro (previously Gem v2) – the fastest and most powerful NFT marketplace aggregator available,” the company noted.

Notably, OpenSea Pro is optimized for mobile users and allows traders to use the most gas-optimized smart contracts of any NFT aggregator.

In order to celebrate the launch of OpenSea Pro, the Gem team has announced the Gemesis NFTs drop to qualified users. The OpenSea qualified users who purchased an NFT on Gem before March 31, 2023, can claim a free Gemesis NFT through May 4, 2023.

For a promotional period, digital art enthusiasts can list their NFTs through OpenSea Pro on OpenSea for 0 percent fees. Furthermore, OpenSea Pro offers traders a fast and cost-efficient trade of non-fungible tokens by scanning for the best prices and bids available in the market.

Side Notes

Backed by prominent entrepreneurs including Mark Cuban, OpenSea has successfully undertaken several funding with the latest valuing the company at $13.3 billion. Available on Android and iOS, OpenSea has ranked as the top NFT marketplace by design and security. Notably, the OpenSea ecosystem has tapped into the Ethereum network and its interoperable standards like ERC-721 and ERC-1155 to ensure mass adoption of non-fungible tokens.

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