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Notcoin rallies as traders look to new gaming coin for future gains

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Notcoin, a new Telegram gaming cryptocurrency, surges 45% as traders expect gaming crypto Mega Dice token to soar.

Notcoin, a new Telegram gaming cryptocurrency, is rapidly outpacing the market as it pumps 45% today. Meanwhile, leading traders are hailing Mega Dice token as the next gaming crypto that could explode following Notcoin’s success.

NOT price surges gaining investor interest 

A trifecta of an airdrop launch, the community choosing Notcoin over Bitcoin, and a passive rewards scheme has led to Notcoin’s recent gains. 

Interestingly, Notcoin’s decisive 45% upswing comes while the total crypto market cap is down by 1.5%, reflecting significant relative strength for the new token.

It is currently trading at $0.007694 with a $790 million market cap and a $1 billion 24-hour trading volume, up 470% today.

This surge has catapulted Notcoin up the crypto market cap ranking, where it currently holds the 100th largest valuation. Notcoin recently announced its phase 1 airdrop is now available. 

The price has soared following the announcement, indicating that potential NOT buyers were holding off until post-airdrop launch, vying for a lower price after airdrop winners sold their tokens. 

However, with the airdrop already in motion, these sidelined buyers may have started moving in.  That would also reflect why Notcoin’s trading volume has surged, with an uptick in buyer and seller activity.

“It looks like most people who received tokens for free sold them. This is the main reason for today’s growth,” wrote analyst Web3_Vibes on X.

Notcoin rallies as traders look to new gaming coin for future gains - 2

Meanwhile, a community vote that favored Notcoin over Bitcoin is adding to the recent price rally. The Notcoin X account posted a poll comparing Notcoin and Bitcoin, asking its followers which crypto has limited supply, wide distribution, and is still affordable.

An overwhelming 86.2% of the 29K voters chose Notcoin. The team also pointed out that Bitcoin’s price was $100 when it has a similar market cap to that of Notcoin’s at the time of the tweet.

Notcoin has also introduced a passive earnings feature that enables users to generate NOT rewards by interacting with its partner projects and communities. As per a recent tweet, users who qualify for the “Platinum” level can earn over a 300% APY.

Notcoin is a Telegram-based game that launched in November 2023 and amassed over 650,000 users in its opening weeks. According to recent data, over five million participants now interact with the Notcoin protocol.

Indeed, this vast user base gave the token an immediate upper hand following its launch in May, and recent developments have amplified its excitement.

But another gaming crypto on a similar path is Mega Dice token, with a trending presale that has raised over $1.2 million so far.

Mega Dice GameFi token raises $1.2m and boasts 50k users 

The new Mega Dice token (DICE) will help usher in Mega Dice’s novel gamification layer. Mega Dice is an industry-leading crypto casino with 50k players who wager $50 million monthly.

Such an established outfit rarely brings a token to market, so it is no wonder that the presale has gotten off to a good start.

With the presale ongoing, investors can buy DICE for $0.075, but this will rise throughout the campaign, with the next uptick when 28 million DICE are sold. So far, the figure sits at around 18 million.

Mega Dice token introduces a slew of benefits to holders, translating to real token utility and the potential for long-term demand aligning with the casino’s success.

For instance, holders get daily crypto rewards based on the casino’s revenue, limited edition NFTs, access to exclusive features, a referral scheme, and more.

The project has received widespread backing from top industry analysts. For instance, the 99Bitcoins YouTube channel suggested it could be the “Next 100x crypto presale gem.”

35% of the token’s total supply is earmarked for the presale. Another 15% is allocated to airdrop rewards, 15% to exchange liquidity, 15% to the DICE casino, 10% to staking rewards, 5% to marketing, and 5% to affiliates.

To learn more, visit the Mega Dice Token presale.

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