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Near Protocol price surges as traders are bullish on new AI coin

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Near Protocol surges by 6.8% amid bullish sentiment on new AI coin eTukTuk, which has already raised $3 million in its presale.

The crypto AI revolution continues to prevail as Near Protocol soars 6.8% today. Meanwhile, the new AI-powered electric vehicle crypto eTukTuk is racing ahead as its presale surpasses $3 million.

NEAR climbs as analysts back AI coins to boom

Near Protocol, the market’s leading AI cryptocurrency by market cap, has enjoyed unwavering success recently, pumping over 6% today and 17% this week. Its recent uptick reflects a broader market interest in AI projects, with the sector’s total market cap up by 2.6% today.

Well-known market commentator Alex Becker anticipates a decisive upswing for AI cryptocurrencies is on the horizon. He compared the exponential price movements of meme coins, concluding that AI cryptocurrencies could increase 5x from their local highs in “lightning-fast” time.

However, Crypto John alludes that many people could miss the current low prices of AI cryptos. “AI coin dips are for buying. Everyone wanted a dip to buy last week, but now that it is here, they are afraid to bid because they lost conviction during the market dump,” he wrote.

Indeed, time is already running short to catch NEAR’s low price, with its 6% pump outpacing the market average today. But this also indicates that outside factors are at play.

Analyst Dixit suggested, “NEAR market makers know something we don’t.” He continued, “Near is Almost $7 now, and we are back above the green box with good volume. We are retesting and making new highs.” 

Based on this narrative, it seems the analyst anticipates a move toward Near’s local $9 high.

While the exact reason for its distinguishably strong performance are debatable, its latest ecosystem development may be responsible. 

Hot Protocol recently launched its beta product which brings Near Protocol’s technology to Telegram. Through this initiative, Telegram users can bypass seed phrases and create self-custodial wallets compatible with Bitcoin, Base, Ethereum, Solana, and other chains.

Near Protocol announced it will power the technology, garnering notable attention on social media with a tweet amassing over 100K views. The project is also experimenting in other domains and is reportedly set to hire AI engineers in the next 3-6 months.

However, Near Protocol is not the only project on the cusp of technological breakthroughs. Hot new presale eTukTuk is also taking the industry by storm, raising over $3 million as it ushers in a novel electric vehicle protocol.

eTukTuk could be the next promising AI coin

Intertwining a trifecta of new technologies, eTukTuk is calling on AI, electric vehicles, and blockchain in a bid for real-world change. Through its ambitious initiative, the project strives to lower CO2 emissions, reduce carbon-related health issues, and eradicate financial disparity globally.

Its efforts begin by implementing AI-powered electric tuk-tuks in developing nations globally. The move will start in Sri Lanka, where eTukTuk has already partnered with the nation’s largest privately held company, Capital Maharaja Group.

eTukTuk will harness AI for predictive maintenance and route optimization, ensuring the efficiency and longevity of its vehicles. This helps keep costs down, making the operation more affordable, as well as being green, and convenient.

The pioneering protocol also introduces electric vehicle charging stations, which will be maintained and installed by its territory partners.  But eTukTuk transcends the physical realm, incorporating a Play-to-Earn game and staking mechanism into its arsenal. 

The staking mechanism is live and offers a variable APY of 87%. However, this will decrease as the staking pool grows. Meanwhile, the team recently announced that the Play-to-Earn game has launched on the App Store, adding extra utility to the TUK token.

Indeed, with such an extensive ecosystem, the future looks bright for eTukTuk. However, the presale is racing ahead so potential buyers should act fast to avoid missing out.

To learn more, visit the eTukTuk Presale

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