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Legendary Trader Predicts When Bitcoin’s Bull Run Will End

In a recent analysis, veteran trader Peter Brandt delved into the price behavior of Bitcoin, suggesting that the cryptocurrency might have reached its peak for the current cycle. According to Brandt, Bitcoin is exhibiting signs of “Exponential Decay,” indicating a weakening in the momentum of its bull market cycles over the years.

“Does history make a case that Bitcoin has topped? It’s called Exponential Decay — and it describes Bitcoin,” Brandt wrote. He further explained, “The fact is that the bull market cycles in Bitcoin have lost a tremendous amount of thrust over the years… I don’t like the Exponential Decay occurring in Bitcoin — Bitcoin is one of my personal largest investment positions.”

Brandt provided a historical breakdown of Bitcoin’s bull cycles, noting a consistent decrease in the magnitude of gains:

  • The bull cycle from December 21, 2009, to June 6, 2011, demonstrated a staggering 3,191X advance.
  • The subsequent cycle from November 14, 2011, to November 25, 2013, showed a reduced yet impressive 572X advance.
  • The period from August 17, 2015, to December 18, 2017, recorded a further diminished 122X advance.
  • More recently, the cycle from December 10, 2018, to November 8, 2021, saw just a 22X advance.

Bitcoin Reached Its Cycle Peak With A Probability Of 25%

Drawing on these historical patterns, Brandt extrapolated that the current cycle, which began on November 21, 2022, would likely see an approximate 4.5X gain from its low of $15,473, predicting a potential high near $72,723. Notably, this peak has already been nearly met with a price of $73,835 recorded on March 14, 2024. Brandt underscores this observation with a caution, “The magnitude of each bull cycle has been roughly 20% of its predecessor, indicating significant energy loss.”

In his analysis, Brandt does not shy away from addressing the implications of Bitcoin’s halving events, which have historically been catalysts for substantial price increases. Despite this, he emphasizes the undeniable presence of the decay pattern: “But for now, we need to deal with the fact of Exponential Decay. It has happened. It is real. You may not want to believe it, but I place a 25% chance that Bitcoin has already topped for this cycle.”

In a communication on X, Brandt responded to a counter analysis by fellow analyst @Giovann35084111, who argued that Bitcoin follows a power law over time, suggesting the potential for ongoing growth despite the observed decay. Brandt acknowledged the validity. “Quite a thorough analysis,” Brand commented.

@Giovann35084111’s analysis extends beyond cyclical trends by illustrating how deviations from the power law at specific intervals, particularly around halving events, provide a structured prediction model. This approach projects systematic patterns in Bitcoin’s price movements, reinforcing a bullish outlook. The analyst predicts a significant rise in Bitcoin’s price, estimating the next top at the end of 2025 to reach between $210,000 and $250,000.

In a later post, Brandt emphasized that his main prediction is an ongoing bull market into September/October 2025. He explained, “I give more credence to a report I issued in February. Here is a chart from that analysis — projecting a bull market until Sep/Oct 2025,” indicating that his views are influenced by evolving market data and theoretical models.

At press time, BTC traded at $62,450.

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