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Injective eyes new ATH while Bitcoin whales pivot to Raboo

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Speculation surrounds Injective’s potential to reach a new all-time high as Bitcoin whales shift their focus to the presale token Raboo.

Much speculation is going on in the crypto market currently as two interesting but contrasting stories make the headlines. The first story hints at the possibility of Injective (INJ) returning to its previous all-time-high as it continues its current bull run. 

However, the second seems to captivate investors more as it suggests a significant shift in interest among large crypto holders or whales from BTC to a presale token,  Raboo (RABT), which has been tipped by many crypto experts to be among the leading altcoins in 2024.

Injective rallies past $30 after month-long struggle

The sentiments surrounding Injective (INJ) lately have been positive as the token continues to exhibit remarkable market strength, experiencing a 7.79% increase between May 15 and June 15. Moreover, last week INJ briefly broke past the $30 price mark after struggling to do so since April.

There is still positive sentiment surrounding Injective as speculation among the crypto community is that the INJ might reach its all-time high again, which is $52.75. As of writing, Injective trades at $25 and boasts a market capitalization of over $2.3 billion.

Bitcoin slumps amid massive BTC sell-off

After embarking on a remarkable bull run post Bitcoin Halving in April, Bitcoin seems to be cooling off, with the price now trading far below the $70,000 mark, raising concerns that BTC’s rally may have come to an end. This sentiment did not become popular until large token holders known as whales reportedly began to sell their BTC holdings.

This massive sell-off was revealed by a prominent cryptocurrency analyst, Ali Martinez, who pointed out that over $4.1 billion worth of BTC were sold by these whales. Consequently, Bitcoin miners have reportedly liquidated over 1,200 BTC, leading to BTC declining by 8% to its current price of $66,544.21, within 8 days. Amid this significant sell-off of BTC, some experts are now hinting at a potential rally in altcoins as they believe that those who sold their Bitcoin are simply moving their funds to altcoins with strong bullish potential.

Raboo: 233% presale gain and major growth potential

Raboo is the unique meme-centric token that is quickly gaining traction even among the crypto elites, drawing the attention of Bitcoin whales who are believed to be shifting their investments towards rallying altcoins like Raboo.

The major factor driving these large crypto holders to Raboo is the platform’s unique positioning as the vanguard of a meme change, which uses new technology and self-evolving AI to eliminate shallow meme content, leaving the quality ones to thrive in the landscape.

Raboo is seen by Bitcoin whales as a rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a project that could redefine the future of digital culture. The platform’s tokenomics framework also serves as a major draw for Bitcoin whales, especially the presale which takes 63% of the total supply of RABT tokens, allowing whales to secure a sizable stake in the project’s future.

Currently, Raboo is in Stage 4 of its presale, with each presale token selling at $0.0048. However, the most interesting part is that analysts predict RABT to appreciate remarkably, potentially by 233% at the presale’s end and by a potential 100-fold when it enters the market.


The contrasting stories of Injective’s recent price rally and the massive Bitcoin selloff by whales are intriguing developments in the crypto market. While Injective appears poised to potentially reach new all-time highs, the large-scale shift from Bitcoin by whales towards altcoins like the upcoming Raboo token has captured significant attention.

Raboo, with its meme-focused platform and presale pricing, is being touted as a rare opportunity for investors to see remarkable growth, as the token is currently up by 60% in its presale which is in Stage 4 at this moment.

Interested users can participate in the Raboo presale here, or reach out on Telegram: or Twitter:

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