Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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ICO statement in response to Angiolini Inquiry

The Angiolini Inquiry has published its first report, following its review of the murder of Sarah Everard.

Information Commissioner John Edwards, who contributed to the inquiry, said:

“This inquiry paints a concerning picture of how disciplinary concerns about police officers and recruits are shared. There is no room to hide behind misconceptions of the law on such an important matter: data protection law does not stand in the way of police sharing information about a potential recruit’s previous disciplinary action or warnings, nor does it act as a shield against investigations into police officers.”

“There is a need for greater transparency here. The public have a right to understand how information will be shared to encourage trust in high standards of policing, and police officers have a right understand how their information will be shared.”

“We’ll continue working with the police to make sure data protection law, and the data sharing it allows, is clearly understood and works to serve and protect the best interests of the people of the UK”

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