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How to protect your digital currency

More and more banks have been giving the green light to cryptocurrency. What exactly do these banks offer customers, and how can they decide which is the right bank for them?

In our current dynamic financial era, the emergence of crypto-friendly banks was likely inevitable but has still been very welcome, particularly among crypto enthusiasts. These banks are helping redefine how digital assets are handled, serving as conduits between traditional economic systems and the growing world of cryptocurrencies. They simplify the management and growth of digital currencies, making them more accessible and user-friendly.

With this context, let’s explore the top 10 cryptocurrency banks that are changing the rules in the financial world.

What are crypto-friendly banks?

Crypto-friendly banking is an innovative financial strategy designed to meet the unique requirements of the ever-evolving cryptocurrency sector. This approach goes beyond conventional banking, establishing a flexible connection between the traditional finance world and the realm of digital currencies.

These banks are going beyond their role as intermediaries in cryptocurrency transactions. They offer specialized services to suit the needs of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investors, and businesses alike. With features such as integrated cryptocurrency trading platforms and advanced secure wallet management systems, cryptocurrency-friendly banks provide users with the tools to interact and benefit from the dynamic cryptocurrency market effectively.

They also play a crucial role in removing barriers between traditional finance and digital currency, promoting a symbiotic relationship. This integration is necessary to create an economic ecosystem in which conventional and digital currencies co-exist and complement each other.

Which banks are crypto friendly?

Crypto-friendly banks represent a shift in the banking sector, openly accepting and supporting digital currencies and their associated businesses. They offer services such as cryptocurrency trading or integrate with established cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance or Kraken.

Some banks that allow crypto purchases are carving out a niche by providing insurance services tailored to cryptocurrency businesses. Additionally, several Bitcoin-friendly banks now offer credit and debit cards that reward users with cashback on purchases made in BTC.

Risks for crypto enthusiasts

Working with a bank that does not support cryptocurrency comes with some risks. For example, when the bank detects transfers from cryptocurrency exchanges, such as the purchase or transfer of cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency exchanges, it may ask the bank customer to explain the source of the funds and the purpose of the cryptocurrency purchase.

In such cases, the bank could freeze or permanently close an account regardless of the response to comply with the guidelines set by the compliance department. If the customer creates a new bank account, funds may also be frozen for some time.

Top 5 crypto-friendly banks in 2024


A pioneering UK fintech company, Revolut has been at the forefront of modern financial services since its inception in 2015. Known for its innovative approach, Revolut integrates cryptocurrency trading into its mobile app, serving a broad audience and supporting over 50 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana. This makes this platform suitable for both beginners and experienced crypto enthusiasts. Below are the most popular tokens in Revolut:

Source: Revolut website

However, it’s worth noting that for the average user, any cryptocurrency-related transaction incurs a 1.99% fee, higher than many other platforms. This, coupled with its comprehensive services, positions Revolut as a significant but higher-cost player in the list of crypto-friendly banks.


Wirex stands out in the cryptocurrency-friendly financial market not as a traditional bank but as one of the best crypto-friendly banks. Since its inception, Wirex has strived to seamlessly integrate cryptocurrency services with traditional financial offerings, introducing a cryptocurrency-centric approach.

Trusted by 6 million people since 2014 with 20 billion+ in crypto transactions”


Owning the WXT token unlocks additional decentralized finance (DeFi) and cryptocurrency-related features, making Wirex a comprehensive platform for traditional and digital financial needs.

Although Wirex is not a traditional bank, its innovative approach and wide range of services make it one of the most versatile and crypto-friendly financial solutions.


A pioneer in financial technology, Juno is considered one of the crypto-friendly banks for business, deeply integrated into the blockchain and crypto space and offering several specialized digital services.

Juno provides users with a functional bank account for fiat currencies such as U.S. dollars and integrates it with crypto wallets. This allows for a smooth transition from cryptocurrency to fiat and vice versa, making the platform versatile. In February 2023, Juno resumed its core crypto services after pausing them for a month. The resumption of services followed Juno’s partnership with its new crypto custodian, Zero Hash.


Monzo, a leader among crypto-friendly online banks, is well-known for its simplicity and user-centric features and has demonstrated a progressive approach to cryptocurrency integration. While Monzo does not directly offer cryptocurrency trading, it provides its customers with a platform to connect their traditional bank accounts to cryptocurrency exchange accounts.

“As a Monzo customer you can use a range of cryptocurrency exchanges to buy crypto, as part of your personal banking with us.”


Monzo allows customers to easily link their bank accounts to various cryptocurrency exchanges. This integration lets customers track and manage their cryptocurrency assets alongside regular banking transactions within the Monzo app, offering a comprehensive financial management experience.

Ally Bank

Ally Bank, one of the most well-known online crypto-friendly banks in the U.S., is an example of a traditional banking institution adapting to the world of crypto. While Ally Bank does not directly offer cryptocurrency trading services, it facilitates investments and transactions through strategic partnerships and features.

Ally Bank’s approach positions it as a one-stop potential choice for those in the U.S. looking for a full-service bank that leverages the opportunities presented by cryptocurrencies.

Crypto-friendly banks in 2024: How to protect your digital currency - 2
Crypto investment plans. Source: Ally Bank website


For an active cryptocurrency user, having a loyal bank that understands their interests is an undeniable advantage. Fortunately, the times when respectable bankers wrinkled their noses at the word ‘crypto’ are gradually becoming a thing of the past.

Today, there are a variety of options when looking for a financial organization ready to offer the most comfortable conditions for clients using cryptocurrency. These banks facilitate transactions in the digital space, bridging the gap between traditional finance and the world of digital assets and their numbers are growing. There is a high probability that very soon, there will be many more of them, and cryptocurrencies will become a familiar and safe tool for investors and ordinary users.


Which banks support cryptocurrency?

Among the most popular banks that support cryptocurrency are: Revolut, Wirex, Juno, Monzo, and Ally.

Is Bank of America crypto friendly?

Yes, Bank of America allows its clients to open crypto-friendly business bank accounts and use their credit or debit cards.

What banks accept Bitcoin?

Generally, all the banks that support cryptocurrency deposits and payments, also accept Bitcoin. These include Ally Bank, BankProv, Cash App, Quontic, and more.

What are the most crypto-friendly banks?

BankProv, also known as Provident Bank, Ally Bank are banks that are crypto friendly in the U.S. The list of crypto-friendly banks in Europe includes SEBA Bank, Fidor Bank, Solaris Bank, and Bank Frick.

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