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How Dvision Network Will Celebrate Binance Smart Chain Year of Success

One year ago, the crypto market entered a period that saw unprecedented levels of adoption. Its source can be traced to one sector, decentralized finances. The period was called “DeFi Summer” and Ethereum was thought to be its undisputed king.

The series of dApps that comprised the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem subverted that idea. Upon its launch, the DeFi sector on Ethereum suffered from a great migration of users that escaped from high transactions fees, and network congestion. In a matter of months, the BSC gave Ethereum a run for its money.

To celebrate a year since its deployment, the Dvision Network, a metaverse protocol supported by blockchain technology that was part of that Ethereum to BSC migration, will host a 1st-anniversary celebration. To be performed within the Dvision Metaverse ecosystem, celebrations will start on September 8th until the 13th, and they will be conducted for a period of around 4 to 5 hours each day.

“Binance Smart Chain 1st Anniversary in Dvision Metaverse” will take place in the special Binance Hall located in the Dvision World with the participation of over 30 of the most important projects on BSC. They will represent the many sectors that run on this ecosystem ranging from GamiFi, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), DEXs, and others.

These projects and their communities are the main reason why the BSC climbed its way up on the crypto industry and the Dvision Network will make it possible to honor them.

During the celebration, users will enjoy different activities, such as taking part in games, dancing competitions, airdrops, and treasury hunts to earn NFTs. According to the team behind Dvision Network, they will have one of the biggest airdrops during the BSC Anniversary celebration week.

Binance And Dvision Network Celebrate The BSC Big Bang

At their high in May 2021, the protocols running on top of the Binance Smart Chain had a total value locked (TVL) of $35 billion, according to data from IntoTheBlock. This has been one of the biggest achievements for a crypto ecosystem, and it was accomplished in under 1 year.

This data is materialized in the many dApps, and projects that continue to attract users on Binance Smart Chain. This is one of the reasons why Dvision Network will hold an event poised to break all standards.

In addition to the activities, the event will be broadcasted globally directly from the metaverse platform. Thus, making it one of the largest crypto events of 2021.

In order to participate in the celebration of the Binance Smart Chain, users can enter the events section on the Dvision landing page. Here, people can pre-register and receive notice of when the Dvision World will be available to access.

Amongst some of the participants is X World Games (XWG), Splinterlands, Bunny Park, from the very trendy gaming sector. Also, projects MyDeFi Pet, Alpaca Finance, BabySwap, and Liquidifty from the NFT and DeFi sector with Faraland, ITAM, StepHero, Cryptobladed, GAT Networks, Gala Games, and many others.

The Dvision Network is already considered one of the fastest-growing blockchain and NFT metaverse platforms. This event will help it consolidate a place as a leading ecosystem in the crypto industry.

In the future, projects, developers, and users on Binance Smart Chain and Dvision Network will continue to surprise a space already known for its innovation and for staying ahead of the curve.