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Experts switch to KangaMoon as Chainlink and Bitcoin Cash prices fall

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While established players like Chainlink and Bitcoin Cash slide, KangaMoon is firm in its presale. Analysts are bullish on the project, expecting it to dominate other popular meme coins.

Chainlink: Relatively low risk, price down slightly

InvestorsObserver recently reviewed Chainlink, and gave it a low risk assessment.

Thus, Chainlink is a safer investment compared to others.

Currently, Chainlink is priced around $20.01.

However, there’s been a slight downward trend recently. Over the past week, the price of Chainlink has dropped by 1.87%. This dip coincides with lower trading volume, and a decrease in market capitalization.

In terms of ranking, Chainlink was previously in the top 10, but slipped to 11th place last week. Today, Chainlink sits at 12th position.

Overall, Chainlink seems like a relatively stable option with lower risk. However, Chainlink’s price has experienced some volatility.

Bitcoin Cash: Strong long-term potential, remains under pressure

Analysts at InvestorsObserver gave Bitcoin Cash a high score of 78 for its long-term technical outlook, suggesting it might be a good investment for the future.

The total value of all Bitcoin Cash in circulation is around $5.2 billion. Furthermore, people trade a relatively high amount of Bitcoin Cash each day, averaging around $1.6 billion worth.

However, there have been some recent dips in BCH’s price.

In the past 24 hours, the price of Bitcoin Cash has fallen by 0.23%, and trading volume is lower than usual.

So, while Bitcoin Cash holds promise for the future, it’s presently going through a downturn. Keep an eye on Bitcoin Cash’s price and trading activity to see if it picks up.

KangaMoon: The meme coin poised for growth

KangaMoon is shaking up the meme coin scene with a roar, promising not just playful fun but potentially epic returns.

The project is about battling other players, collecting exciting stuff, and earning real rewards while you’re at it, all within a vibrant online community.

Analysts expect KANG to rally at the end of its presale.

Firstly, it is all about P2E. Thus, you can score real-world rewards for your gaming skills and victories.

Secondly, it fosters a strong community, connecting you with other meme enthusiasts for shared fun and camaraderie.

KANG holders may benefit in the long term. The global P2E NFT game market is expected to surge by 21.3% by 2028.

KANG is available for $0.0075 in the second stage of the presale, raising over $18,234.143.

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